July 2023

We announce that our next annual general meeting will be held in early July 2023.

The date and place will be communicated to you soon.

Monument Trudelle
Enseigne annonçant le local Trudel
Sign indicating the location of the Trudel premises at the Place Naviles shopping center

Would you like to have a copy of the souvenir book of the 375th anniversary of the arrival of Jean Trudelle?

Simply follow this link: M. Denis Trudelle by clicking here

It is on Saturday April 22, 2023 that was held the open door activity at the local of the association located at the shopping center Place Naviles in Ste-Foy. We proceeded to the official launch of the 2023 edition of the fundraising. We were fortunate, among other things, to have the visit of Gisèle and Lise Trudel from Ste-Thècle. These two sisters, who unfortunately lost their sister Huguette last year. Gisèle and Lise gave us a check for $1000 on behalf of Huguette who had made this donation in her will.

We present to you the 5/6 of your board of directors. In the usual order. Denis, president, Louise, administrator in charge of the newsletter, Line, secretary, Pierre, vice-president, in charge of the 2 websites and Alain, registrar and new treasurer. Robert, administrator is not in the picture.