Biographies and other documents

In this section you will find books published by the association on various subjects.

The beautiful name of Trudel

Text commissioned in 1950 by Hubert Trudel to Casimir Hébert. This text explains the origin of the name Trudel. The version offered here has been updated by Lise and Pierre Trudel in 2015. The original version of the text has been enriched with references.

Historical Pageant

Historical reconstruction written by Father Paul-Eugène Trudel about the first years in Canada of Jean Trudelle and Marguerite Thomas. Play presented on August 19, 1945 at the Palais Montcalm in Quebec City. (Published in French only)

Le premier Trudelle en Canada et ses descendants

Book written by Father Alfred Trudelle in 1910. This version of the book includes the text he had published around 1875 about his genealogical research. (Published in French only)

Les religieuses Trudel dans la congrégation de Notre-Dame

(The Trudel Sisters in the Congregation of Notre-Dame) A 400 pages document about the Trudel sisters who worked in this religious congregation. Published on the occasion of the 300th anniversary of the arrival of Jean Trudelle in Canada. (Published in French only)