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Restoration of the monument and culvert

It is with great pleasure that I announce that restoration work on the monument was completed last May.

The monument was last restored in 2010. At that time, the mortar joints had been replaced by a type of rubber. This rubber did not allow water to drain away, so the humidity remained inside the spire.

Drone photos taken by my brother-in-law showed us that the monument was waterlogged. Water was seeping in through the top of the spire and could not get out through the base. The spire had several vertical cracks. If nothing had been done, the monument would simply have split in two.

View from the top of the monument before restoration
View from the top of the monument after restoration

The work was carried out by Maçonnerie Murphy, a Quebec City company specializing in the restoration of old monuments.

Plate prior to restoration
Plate after restoration

To consolidate the monument, thirteen (13) epoxy-bonded stainless steel rods were inserted into the spire. Then they sealed the top and removed all rubber from the base joints. They then filled all the cracks and holes caused by the insertion of the rods with a special mortar that is virtually the same color as our limestone. They then re-pointed all the joints with a mortar specially designed for granite stone joints.

Monument, south side view
Monument, east side view

Finally, they cleaned all traces of moisture from the granite stones and our plaques on either side. Here are the changes – the most important restorations are not visible, as they are mainly repairs to solidify the Monument.

Another challenge was the culvert. If you’ve been to the site, you’ll know that it’s graced by a beautiful stream. Some time ago, we noticed that the culvert was collapsing. Well, this spring, it broke completely. Following a complaint from a neighbor, the municipality gave us formal notice to make the repairs.

We have no trace of who made the culvert. Line, our secretary, has linked all the association’s minutes. Nothing. We never made the culvert. Curious?

Talks were held with the municipality and they also found nothing. They have no record of having made this culvert. Curious?

Maybe Jean and Marguerite did it? Who knows?

Culvert condition before work
Culvert after work

So we hired Les Entreprises Gosselin et Tremblay inc. to do the work. We had a permit from the city to remove the culvert. We opted to remove the entire culvert and return the creek to the way it looked in Jean and Marguerite’s day. However, the city asked us to keep a piece of at least three (3) meters. They also confirmed that they would take care of it for the future, i.e. the part of the culvert that we had to leave behind.

During excavation, we had the unpleasant surprise of seeing buried wires used to illuminate the monument at night. We therefore asked Raymond Drolet, electrician, to come and put everything in order and functional.

2024 Fundraising

The total cost of the work was $25,000. Where did we get the money? From your generous contributions to the monument fund. Since 2010, a fund had been set aside for this purpose. The account had about $12,000 from your voluntary contributions. In 2023, we made a huge appeal to you, and you responded superbly. We then accumulated the remainder.

At the time of writing, the monument account stands at around $500. We all have a duty to replenish it for our children and grandchildren. It looks as if our monument will need love again in 15 to 20 years’ time. By then, the cost will probably be $50,000.

How do we rebuild our fund? There are several ways. The first is to become a platinum member. For all our platinum members, who are in good standing, $50 is placed in the monument fund. To become a member, follow this link:

The second is to make a voluntary contribution when you renew your membership.

The third is to participate in our 2024 subscription. Four prizes will be awarded to our subscribers.

Membership form

First prize $100, Second prize $50, Third prize Polo shirt in the association’s colors, Fourth prize 2 Books, Fêtes du 375e and L’épopée de nos ancêtres.

2024 Fundraising Edition at Zeffy

Denis Trudelle, President, June 2024 



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