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You are invited to consult the pages of our site in order to discover the Trudel-le Family Association inc, the history of the Trudel-le family in America, more particularly since the arrival of Jean Trudelle in Quebec around 1645

We have just learned of the death of Mr. Louison Trudel. Click here to learn more.

Fundraising Campaign

The Board of Directors of the Trudel-l-e Family Association is launching a fundraising campaign for the repair of the Monument and the land we own.
Created using the Donation Thermometer plugin$25,000.00Raised $11,004.00 towards the $25,000.00 target.$11,004.00Raised $11,004.00 towards the $25,000.00 target.44.02%

Since the launch of the fundraising campaign, we have raised $ 11,004.00 of our $25,000.00 goal, which represents 44.02% of the total amount.

For more information, please visit the Monument section of the website.

How can you help us? Here are the three ways you can help.

  1. Go to our online store for a special contribution:
  2. Contribute to our regular subscription which will be launched in the spring.
  3. You can make a donation on GoFundMe

Last Saturday, the launch of our fundraising campaign started. The money raised goes directly to the monument fund. This year is even more important. We have just given the contract for the restoration of the monument, and it is with everyone’s participation that we will be able to pay this bill. At the AGM in July, we will hold a draw among the participants. The goal is to raise $25,000.00.

Here are the prizes for participation.
1) 100$
2) 50$
3) Wireless headphones
4) New Balance backpack

Visit the store in the subscription section.

Thank you for sharing with the Trudelle, Trudel and Trudell of your family and friends.

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Genealogy of Jean Trudelle and Marguerite Thomas but also of other lines from France and Switzerland who emigrated to America.


History and Patrimony

Discover the heritage of the association as well as the history of many people bearing the surname Trudelle, Trudell, Trudel.



You like history and genealogy. Come and share your passion with us. The association organizes several activities including an annual meeting in a different location.

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