Annual General Meeting

Drapeau Trudel-le

The annual general meeting, or AGM, is an important moment in the life of an association like ours. It is the only time of the year when the administrators and members are gathered to discuss the state of health of their association. It is a must for some, a formality for others, but it remains that if you care about your association, you must attend. It is the ideal forum to know what your administrators have accomplished as well as to know the future projects. It’s the perfect time to voice your ideas, give your opinion or decide to get involved.

Following the AGM 2022, here is the composition of the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is composed of seven people. Each board member is elected for a two-year term. We invite members to apply for election. At the annual general meeting of October 19, 2022, two directors left. Mr. Jacques Trudel from Longueuil and Mr. Claude Trudel from Sainte-Thècle we thank them for their involvement.

The new board of directors is now composed of the following persons, two positions remain to be filled (see opposite):

  • Denis Trudel, Québec, QC (President)
  • Pierre Trudel, Montréal QC (Vice-President)
  • Line Trudel , Québec QC (Secretary)
  • Alain Trudel, Québec, QC (Treasurer, Registrar)
  • Robèrt Trudel, Dracut, USA (Director)
  • Vacant position
  • Vacant position

Please take note that it would be desirable to have 2 more directors on the board.

If you like history and genealogy, and would be available for a few meetings a year, we are waiting for you.

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