Frequently Asked Questions

How to make an Interac transfer to the Association de La Famille Trudel-le inc. ?

Here is the procedure for making an interac transfer to the Association de La Famille Trudel-le inc. :
1) On your computer, open your bank (or credit union) account.
2) Somewhere on your computer screen, select the “INTERAC TRANSFER” option.
3) Enter the following information:

  • The amount to be transferred (for example: $50.00)
  • Our email address:
  • Finally, in the space provided, enter your SECRET QUESTION and the ANSWER that must accompany it.

To simplify things, we ask that you use as a SECRET QUESTION “Our slogan” and as an ANSWER to the SECRET QUESTION “Adsum“.  If the name of the recipient is requested, it is “La Famille Trudel-le inc.

Please take note: Interac transfer works only with Canadian financial institutions.

Is it Possible to Pay my Membership by cheque?

It is always possible to pay your dues by cheque. Make your cheque payable to La Famille Trudel-le inc. Write your membership number on the back if you have one.

Mail your cheque to 1076 rue de l’Illusion, Quebec QC G3K 2H6 Canada

I have just joined the association how to connect to the member area?

Once we have confirmation of your payment, you will receive an email with your access code at the address you entered in the online application form.

I have lost my access code

Send an email to explaining the situation.