The Coat of Arms

La blason Trudelle

Without belonging to anyone in particular, nor to any branch of our family, this coat of arms can be used to designate the great Trudel(le) family of Canada and each of its members can use it. Using the terms of heraldic art, our coat of arms is described as follows:

French shield Sable, centered on a cross patté and alaisée Or and surmounted by a knight’s helmet Argent. On a silver scroll, the motto AD SUM, which can be translated: PRESENT or J’Y SUIS

As symbolism :

▫ The French shield expresses the origin of our family;

▫ The helmet signifies patriotic devotion;

▫ The sand, attachment to the land;

▫ The cross marks faith and the spirit of sacrifice;

▫ Gold symbolizes love;

▫ Silver, simplicity and value.