The Red Book

The Red Book

The genealogical dictionary of the Trudelle, Trudell and Trudel families of Jean Trudelle and Marguerite Thomas was published in 1956. It is the work of a lifetime, in fact, Father Paul-Eugène Trudel, o.f.m., spent fifty years of his free time to realize this colossal work.

Famously known as the “Red Book”, the genealogical dictionary lists over 16,000 Trudelles over eleven generations. This dictionary is currently unobtainable, those who have a copy keep it preciously.

The association has digitized the genealogical dictionary of Father Paul-Eugène in the early 2000s. A pdf version is available on usb key. Please contact the association if you wish to purchase a copy.

We also have a website created a few months ago to give access to a web version of the dictionary. An official launch will take place soon.

To access the website, click on the following link: